Invertor LG 2,2kW monofazat 200-230VAC Преглед отблизо

Invertor LG 2,2kW monofazat 200-230VAC SV022IC5-1F


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Invertor LG 2,2kW monofazat 200-230VAC

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Invertor LG 2,2kW monofazat 200-230VAC

  • Volts / hertz & sensorless vector control (PWM by IGBT)
  • Motor parameter auto-tuning
  • 150% torque at 0.5Hz
  • 0 ~ 400Hz output frequency
  • 1 ~ 10kHz carrier frequency
  • Built-in process PID control
  • Ground fault protection
  • Built-in RFI filter (class A)
  • Built-in potentiometer
  • Programmable I / O
  • PNP / NPN selectable signal input
  • 0 ~ 10Vdc Analog output
  • Optional ModBus communication chip



Control SpecControl methodV/f, Slip compensation, Sensorless vector
Speed reference resolutionDigital command: 0.01Hz / Analog reference: 0.06Hz (Max freq., 60Hz)
Frequency accuracyDigital command: 0.01% of Max output freq. / Analog signal command of 0.1% of Max output freq.
V/f curveLinear, Squared, User custom V/f
Overload capacity150% for 1 minute, 200% for 30 seconds
Torque boost 
OperationKeypad Display3 digit, 7 segment LED
Operation methodKeypad / Terminal / Communication
Frequency settingAnalog: 0 to 10V / 4 to 20mA / Potentiometer / Digital: Keypad
Operation functionPID control / Up-Down operation / 3-Wire operation
Input signalMulti-function terminalPNP / NPN selectable
(P1 ~ P5)5 points (programmable)
Output signalMulti-function relay(N.O., N.C.) Less than AC 250V, 0.3A / Less than DC 30V 1A
Multi-function open collectorFault output & inverter status output DC24V (less than 50mA)
Analog output0 to 10Vdc (less than 10mA): frequency / current / voltage / DC voltage selectable
ProtectionInverter tripOver voltage / Low voltage / Over current / Ground fault / Inverter overheat / Output phase open / Inverter overload
Overload trip / Communication error / Frequency command loss / Hardware fault / Fan fault / etc.
Inverter alarmStall prevention, Overload
Enclosure  IP20
Option Communication, copy unitModbus RTU, Parameter copy unit


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Invertor LG 2,2kW monofazat 200-230VAC SV022IC5-1F

Invertor LG 2,2kW monofazat 200-230VAC SV022IC5-1F

Invertor LG 2,2kW monofazat 200-230VAC