Staţii de lipit, Statie de lipit ZD-8919 -1,

      Statie de lipit ZD-8919

      Staţii de lipit, Statie de lipit ZD-8919 -1,
      Staţii de lipit, Statie de lipit ZD-8919 -1,
      Staţii de lipit, Statie de lipit ZD-8919 -1,

      Statie de lipit ZD-8919

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      Statie de lipit ZD-8919

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      Soldering station ZD-8919
      Temperature controlled soldering station - Model: ZD-8919 is suitable for soldering work of technicians in factories, laboratories for the production or repair of electronic equipment. It has the option of setting the temperature of the soldering tip in the range of 160 °C to 480 °C. The advantage is the rapid heating of the tip to 400 °C in just about 50 seconds, which is achieved by a heat output of up to 130 W when warming up. The set temperature is kept constant even when heating larger components due to feedback, when the temperature of the PTC tip is measured by a cell and the heating is switched according to the temperature. The "sleep" function is advantageous, when the temperature and electricity consumption are reduced after putting the soldering handle in the holder and idling for 10 minutes. Soldering tips are type N9 with an outer shaft diameter of 6.4 mm and an inner diameter of 4.5 mm and can be easily replaced with new or other with a different tip shape, it is possible to order up to five different tip shapes N9-16 to N9-56, the supplied tip is type N9-16. A solder with a tubular tin with a diameter of 1 mm and a length of 2 m is supplied with the soldering station, which is attached to the side of the soldering station, so it is always at hand. A copper wire ball and a cleaning sponge are provided to clean the tip.

      Product parameters :

      - heating element with built-in PTC sensor and power input 60 to 130 W
      - setting the temperature using the rotary knob
      - temperature lock function
      - sleep function when idle for more than ten minutes
      - stand with wire ball, cleaning sponge and soldering tin
      - interchangeable tips according to your different needs
      - simple operation, user-friendly operation

      Technical parameters :

      - supply voltage: 230V AC
      - power consumption: normally 60 W, when heating up to 130 W
      - temperature indicator: LED display
      - simple change of °C to °F with the switch
      - reduction of consumption when idle for more than 10 min
      - stand for storing the solder handle
      - cleaning ball made of copper wire, cleaning sponge 42 x 23 mm
      - part of 2 m soldering tubular lead-free soldering tin ø 1 mm
      - possibility to order tips with other dimensions (N9-16, N9-26, N9-36, N9-46, N9- 56)
      - possibility to order a spare complete handle (ZD - 415G, 230V AC, 60 - 130W)
      - possibility to order a spare heating element (220 - 240V AC, 60W, with temperature sensor)
      - European type round plug
      - supply cable 2 x 0.5 mm², length 1.35 m

      Package contents :

      - soldering station ZD-8916 with soldering handle ZD - 415G
      - tip N9-16
      - coil with tubular lead-free tin ø 1 mm x 2 m
      - sponge for wiping the tip
      - copper wire ball for wiping the tip
      - instructions for use

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      Staţii de lipit, Statie de lipit ZD-8919 -1,
      Statie de lipit ZD-8919
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